Day 26:

Read Luke 10-11

London is a gorgeous city, and maybe  one day I will be blessed to be able to take Kimberly to see the land. Hopefully, we might even make a brief respite in my dream countries. If you could go to any country in the world which one is it? I have a few, but a couple are only a thousand miles away or so from London. Those countries are...Iceland and Greenland. I know it's weird, but they are countries that I've longed and desired to set foot on for a long time. 

Read Luke 10:21-24 again. Think deeply about the words you are reading. Think longly about the words that you are hearing. Think well about the words God is speaking. 

My desire to visit Iceland and Greenland pails in comparison to the longing I have to truly see Jesus face-to-face, to see God himself. Yet, how privileged are we in comparison to kings like David, Solomon,or Josiah? How privileged are we in comparison to prophets such as Daniel, Ezekiel, Isaiah, or even Nathan who proclaimed the Word of the Lord, who proclaimed the coming Messiah and suffering servant?

Jesus turns to his disciples after he rejoiced in the Holy Spirit and spent time worshipping and thanking the Father for hiding things, for his will, for his perfect timing. What does he tell his disciples? He tells them they are blessed. He says that so many prophets and kings (men held in high esteem by God) desired greatly to see the things they see. 

What things? Jesus himself. They desired to see the Messiah. They desired to see the ushering in the kingdom of God. 

How often do you take Jesus for granted? How often do you take the Bible and the words of God for granted? We've only been given a glimpse of his glory, but it is his greatest glimpse, the Savior King Jesus. These are words that I am writing down and memorizing little-by-little. 

Andrew Barnes