Day 29: Take Up Your Cross


Read Luke 14-16

During my high school years, I played on the school’s soccer and tennis team. I had a blast playing both of these sports, yet I am probably one of the most unathletic kids you will ever meet. No really, the only reason I made the varsity tennis team was because they did not make cuts at my high school…

When I played these sports during high school, I had to sacrifice a lot. I had to sacrifice a ton of time by being willing to attend practices every day after school, which was a lot of work. I had to sacrifice time away from spending with my family and friends. I even had to miss most Wednesday night youth groups because I was busy practicing out on the soccer field or out on the tennis court. Looking back, I have realized that although “playing” those sports was a blast, it ended up costing me a lot.

Focus on Luke 14:25-33. Jesus addresses the cost of being a disciple.  

You see, when you give your life to Christ by making Him your Lord and Savior, the discipleship process needs to continue. You don’t just give your life to Jesus and let that be the end of the line. The Christian walk is so much more than that. Your walk with Jesus is so much greater than that. Being a Christian is dying to yourself daily, picking up your cross, and following Him. Discipleship is so important, and we see this here in this passage in Luke.

Taking up your cross as a follower of Jesus means to embrace God’s will, no matter what the cost. Follow Christ, no matter what.

We need to turn away from our selfish ambitions and desires, have faith in Him, and pursue Him in all that we do. Our lives need to be less about us and more about Christ.

Do you understand that following Jesus is something that you are supposed to embrace each and every day, and not just on Sunday? What do you need to do in your life to make much more of Jesus? What do you need to give up in order to serve and follow Jesus better and more closely?

Embrace Christ at your schools, in your homes, and at your workplace. Our world needs Jesus.

Take up your cross. Follow Him.

Andrew Barnes