Day 30: Be Like A Child


Read Luke 17-19


Have you ever been annoyed with your younger sibling? Or maybe one of your friend’s younger siblings? Do you ever just want to get a kid in trouble just because they are annoying you? If you’re like me, you can probably answer yes to all of these questions.

In Luke 18:15-17, we see Jesus and the little children. From these three chapters in Luke that you have just now read, this specific passage in chapter 18 is what I want you to focus on for today.

This is one of my favorite passages of scripture in Luke Jesus explains how people are to enter into His kingdom.

In this passage, we see that parents were bringing their babies and children to come and see Jesus. I can only imagine the excitement these children had to see Jesus. These kids had probably heard so many miraculous things about this man named Jesus that they could probably hardly control their excitement.

But then we see something crazy happen. The disciples rebuked the parents. Why? Because they thought that these children were of little value to Jesus. They thought that Jesus was too busy for these children. The disciples were wrong.

We see in verse 16 that Jesus called the children to Him. It’s a beautiful image to picture Jesus having children running into His arms.

You see, children are as important as adults when it comes to the love of Christ. This applies to middle school and high school students as well.

What this passage is saying is that in order to enter the kingdom of God, we must be like a child. We must come to Christ with arms wide open. We need to look up to Christ, like a child would look up to their mother and father. The problem with our society today is that too many of us are wrapped up in the world’s arms instead of Jesus’s arms.

These children in this passage did nothing to earn Jesus’ love for them. The same goes for the gospel message. You and I do not deserve what Christ did for us by dying on a tree and taking our sin upon himself. Christ suffered what you and I deserve. It’s all about grace. We are covered in it.

The gospel is received, not achieved.

Andrew Barnes