Survey Plan: Day 1 we go again. We find there to be great value in digging deep into the Bible. We find that value from the very beginning pages found in Genesis to the last word "Amen" found in Revelation. So, join us for these next eleven weeks as we jump into all sixty-six books. Join us as we see how every book, chapter, and verse echo out the name of our hero, our savior, the God-man...JESUS.


I love the Old Testament, primarily due to my love for the narrative structure found throughout the OT. It does also help that I love books, especially really good stories. Stories draw us all together. And as we begin this reading survey this story begins in amazing fashion. It begins with the creation of every other story that was ever to come. 

Now...dig deep into the notion of 'grace.' It is a word we hear time and time again in church. It is that word that is usually very plainly defined as when we are given something we do not deserve. Look at the grace of God throughout the six chapters. The serpent, Eve, Adam, Abram, Abraham, Sara, Isaac...these main characters found throughout these passages all received grace. 

Now...hone in on Genesis 15:17-21. God does it all himself. He makes a unilateral covenant. It was unconditional. That is not to say that Abraham did not have to be obedient, but it is to say that the covenant rested on God alone. He was the one who would provided. He was the one who would bless. He was the one who would give though Abraham would not deserve the blessing. 

Look at your life. Think about today. Think about the grace God has had on your life. 

Andrew Barnes