Survey Plan: Day 2

You have made it through the first day, and now you are on to the second day with us. Know that you are not going at this alone. We are there with you. We are digging in deep into the Word of God with you. Kimberly and I are praying for each of you as you go through all 66 books. 

Read Exodus 1-5

When something crazy or awesome or disastrous happens to you what is your response? I remember when my parents told me they were moving from Georgia, and then it got a little crazier. They told my brothers and I that they were moving sixteen hours away to Kansas City. IT was one of shock, sorrow, sadness, but worship as well. It was one of worship because I knew that this was the plan God had for all of our lives, and that no matter how it seemed it was for our good. 

Read Exodus 4:31

CRAZINESS! The people had not seen Moses for years, and look at what happens. He comes back and does everything the LORD told him to do and say. He, through Aaron, tells them what God spoke unto him. He performs the signs God told him to perform. 

The amazingness is not so much in the obedience of Moses, though that is vital to the redemption of the Israelites. Rather, the amazingness is found in how the people respond. First and foremost they believed. They trusted and had faith in their God, the one, true god, Yahweh. Then secondly they worshipped him.

The Israelites give us a model of how we should live our lives. God said he redeem and save us, and then he does it. Our lives should be lived in worship of him. Not just on Sundays and Wednesdays. Not just on those days when we are at church. Rather, every single day wherever we are we should live lives that worship him. So...are you? Are you living a life that worships God at all times? ...OR...Are you living a life that worships him only on Sundays and Wednesdays?

Andrew Barnes