Survey Plan: Day 9

So...we move on to a book that we spent all last semester of The Gathering digging deep into. It is an amazing book full of how the Lord delivers. It is full of the mighty works of the Lord. It is full of how mighty and gracious the Lord is. It is full with how sinful man is. It is full with how desperate we are for a Savior. It is full with pointing to Jesus! It is the book of Judges.

Go ahead and read Judges 1-4, 13-16. Take your time. Enjoy these eight chapters. Dig deep. These are the important words to read, not what you see here on this page.

Take a look  and read over one more time one of the most missed judges, Shamgar. Read Judges 3:31. 

There is not much here. We only have a few things about Shamgar. First, he was the third judge, after Othniel and Ehud. Secondly, he was the son of Anath. Thirdly,  he struck down 600 Philistines with only an oxgoad (an eight foot long wooden tool with an iron spike on the end of it). Finally, he was seen as a savior of Israel. 

This ultimately points us to the true Savior, Jesus Christ. None of these judges was the perfect Messiah, but each one of them points us to Jesus. Each one reminds us that we need saving. Each one reminds us that we must rest in the grace of our salvation. It alone comes from God, and it does not come from anything that we can do. 

So, this Passion Week remember Jesus. Remember what he has done. Remember who he is. Rest in his grace.


Andrew Barnes