Survey Plan: Day 17

Hey guys! I hope your spring break is going pretty well today. Just a reminder there is no Gathering tonight at 6 pm. Once again THERE IS NO GATHERING IN THE BRICKHOUSE TONIGHT @ 6 PM. 

So...go ahead and get into the Word today. Read 2 Kings 1-2, 6-7, and 11-12. 

Now, I want you to focus on the words found in 2 Kings 1:15. It is a really interesting story about Elijah, king Ahaziah, and these captains. By this point in the story two captains and their 50 men have been killed by the Lord. This captain approaches the situation a little differently. The response of Elijah is also different. 

If you remember your reading from yesterday, then you remember that the voice of the Lord spoke to Elijah in the cleft of the rock in a still, small voice. Once again Elijah hears from God. Elijah was attuned to the Lord and his desires. What about you? Do you spend time listening to the Lord every single day? Or are you too busy with life and all of its demands? 

Take some time at some point today to take and spend time in silence. Take some time to meditate on the words of the Lord. Take some time to sit and listen.

Andrew Barnes