Survey Plan: Day 18

Hey guys! Today is a decently long section found in 2 Kings. So...I want you to take the time and read through it slowly.

Read 2 Kings 17-23. 

Now I want you to take the time and notice a few things:

1. Remember that the Bible is not happening chronologically. What I mean by that is sections of 2 Kings (chapters discussing Isaiah and Hezekiah) are happening also during the time that Isaiah is being written. 

2. Look at the idolatry of the people of Israel. Remember all that the Lord has done for them. He has made them his people. He has delivered them from the Egyptians. He has delivered them from the Philistines. He has given them great land. He has even given them human kings. How often are we like the Israelites with our idols, but we do not want to admit it?

3. Notice king Josiah. Notice his age (he was 8 when he became king). Notice his wisdom. Notice his finding the book of the law, which had obviously been misplaced, hidden, etc. Notice his desire to turn the people away from their idolatry and back to the one true king, Yahweh.

Andrew Barnes