Survey Plan: Day 29

So...we are back in the book of Psalms today. Due to the fact that it is the longest book in the Bible it takes a few days to actually survey the entire thing. But do not think about that. Rather, enjoy the fact that it is such a beautiful book that only uplifts and encourages the heart to a great extent. 

So...begin your week with something that it a must, the book of Psalms. It will only help.

Read Psalm 51, 100, 103, and 139 today.

Now, take and focus specifically on Psalm 100 today. Out of these four passages the middle two are the least known and remembered by people. Since it is only five verses long take and read it again. 

Now, I want you to ask yourself if you are joyful today. Is today a day of joy today, or is today more of a day solely of duty? 

Are you coming into his courts with singing? Are you coming into his presence at all? Are you remembering the works of the Lord? Are you remembering his grace? Are you remembering his salvation?

There is no better way to start off our days and our weeks than in remembering who the Lord is, what he has done for us, what he is doing for us, and what it all means for us. So, go about your day thinking through these things, and I know they will bring you joy! 

Andrew Barnes