Survey Plan: Day 39

Hey Guys! I hope you take the time and think through James 3 again today. Think about how your tongue, especially your words, affect others. 

Today in our reading though we are jumping back from the New Testament to the Old Testament again, and we are only looking at three chapters today. 

Go ahead and read Micah 1-2 and Nahum 1.

Read through these three chapters a few times today. Think deeply about them. They have one big theme in common, the wrath of God. It is real. God is not just a God of love and salvation, but he is a God who hates and despises sin. 

BUT...I want you to also read Micah 7:18-20 too. This is how the book of Micah ends.

It is a book that discusses destruction. It is a book that discusses the coming ruler from Bethlehem. It is a book that discusses a portion that will be saved. 

But these are the words that are saved for the end. These words declare that God is compassionate, he loves steadfast love and salvation, he is faithful, and he pardons our sins. is you are going about your day think about your sin. Think about the fact that God hates sin, but then I want you to think about how God pardons our sins. HE pardons our sins. He saves. All because of Jesus.

Andrew Barnes