Survey Plan: Day 45

Hey Guys! The Gathering is tonight @ 6 pm. Be There!

So...we are diving deep straight into the New Testament, and if you have been with us for these eleven weeks, then you know that this is a big deal. 

Also, if you have been with us since our previous 7-week study, then you know that this will be your second reading of some of these gospel chapters. Enjoy them. Remember them. Think about them. 

So...go ahead and read Mark 1-4, 10, 15-16.

Now, the NFL draft actually begins tomorrow. This might not be something that you throw any significance in, but if you are and NFL team, then you know that this can help make or break you. This year the Los Angeles Rams have the number one selection, and they will probably take a quarterback. 

Now...if we were drafting New Testament books, then I would take Mark as the number overall pick (this is not to say that Mark is better than any other book, or it is MORE of the Word of God than other books). Rather, the emphasis is placed upon me. I love the book of Mark so much. This might be to the fact that it is the shortest of the four gospels, or it might be to the extent that Mark is just so forthright in his writing. 

Take a look for me at Mark 4:26-29 one more time. I wrote a paper for a professor at the University of Georgia  over this passage, and it is absolutely vital for our lives as Christians. The man plants the seeds. The earth produces the fruit. The man harvests. This is a parable discussing the nature of Christianity and salvation. 

One question for you then. What are you talking about? When is the last time you talked about Jesus with your friends? When is the last time that you took and spread any seed?

Andrew Barnes