Survey Plan: Day 58

So. tomorrow is THE GATHERING. It will be our last week in our series The Big Picture, so make sure you are there at 6 PM for an awesome night of worship!!

I hope your morning is going pretty well today. Take and get ready to jump into one of my favorite passages in the entire Bible, and it is found in the letter Paul wrote to the Ephesians. 

Take and read Ephesians 4-6 with me today. 

I want you to take and think about your lives up until this very moment. Now, I want you to think about that moment or time where you confessed Jesus as Lord and Savior, and you were saved from your sin. Now I want you to go back to Ephesians 5:8-9. Read it one more time. 

Think about it. You were once in darkness, (i.e. you didn't know Jesus). However, you are now children of light, (i.e. you are saved). So, do you actually walk like that though? Do you walk as though you are different. Light and darkness are total opposites, so do you take and live lives like that? 

Are you living a life that is in the light, or are you more equated with the darkness. If you want to know what living a life continually in the light looks like then go back and read Ephesians 6:14-18. This keeps you in the frame of mind and in life to live in the light.

Andrew Barnes