Survey Plan: Day 67


Hey Guys! If you are a Middle School girl remember that tonight is Starbucks night @ 7 pm at the Starbucks off of 81. Also, if you are a Middle School boy there is video game night at my house (3 Fawn Hill Drive) from 6-8 PM tonight. Make sure you are there. 

I hope you guys are able to pay somewhat attention today in school on this dreary, rainy Thursday, but before you get to in depth in it I want you to dig into the Bible.Today we will be reading from one of my favorite books for many reasons, but one of the is due to the fact that it is so practical. So, we will be reading from the book of James today. 

So, open up to James 1-3, and take a gander through those chapters today.

Now, take a look back with me at James 1:5-6. How many of us truly come to the Lord asking for wisdom. Remember the Old Testament story of king Solomon who was told to ask God of anything and he would be granted it, and he asked for wisdom. Why are we not more like Solomon and less like Judas, who valued money more than his Savior, his friend, Jesus.

Andrew Barnes