Survey Plan: Day 69

Hey Guys! School is done for the week! Enjoy that. Think about that for just a moment. Now go ahead and relax for just a little while.

 Today we are getting closer and closer to the finish of the Survey Plan, and we have a good bit to read today. 

So...go ahead and read 1 John 1-2, 2 John, and 3 John. 

Take a look with me at 1 John 2:1. John goes ahead and calls them "little children," but make sure you do not get the wrong idea right here. John is not being condescending. John is not being pompous. John is not being mean. Rather, John is being loving and endearing. He cares deeply about these people. He wants them to understand his love for them. 

Then he goes ahead and he tells them just one major thing in verse 1. He tells them "do not sin." This is why he is writing to them. He wants them to recognize the deadliness of sin. He wants them to recognize the atrocities sin causes. Is this how we live our lives? Are we seeking to put sin to death? Are we seeking to have nothing to do with sin? Or are we just pretending?

However, John also reminds these "little children" and us that we have an advocate known as Jesus Christ, who pleads our case before God the Father. Jesus takes care of us.  

Andrew Barnes