Survey Plan: Day 52

It is Wednesday. It is Hump Day! So, that means you only have two more days of school for the week, and that is exciting. 

So, come celebrate with us tonight at The Gathering @ 6 pm. It is going to be fresh tonight, and tonight will be the last night that our awesome interns, Ryan and Austin, are here for the school year. 

Do not be too sad though, but rather jump with me into some Scripture today. We are in the book of Acts for the second day. It is going to be absolutely awesome. 

Go ahead and Read Acts 8-10 and 12-15. 

Now, I want you to think about the person or the people that you know in your life that you just do not like. Maybe they are mean to you. Maybe you thought they were your friends, but instead they turned out to be faking it. Maybe it's someone who is talking about you behind your back. Now, let me ask you a few questions? Have you forgiven them for all of this, or are you holding a grudge and bitterness? Do you think that that person, or those people, can be Christians?

Now, I want you to go back and Read Acts 9:1-19 one more time. Who is it speaking of here? You are correct if you said Saul or Paul. Who was this man? He was a mean man, who killed Christians. Now, as you have read through Acts 9:1-19 what does God do to Saul? HE SAVES HIM. SAUL TURNS FROM HIS SINS, AND LATER ON HIS NAME IS CHANGED TO PAUL. HE IS A NEW MAN. 

The Lord has mercy and grace upon Saul. Why can we not have mercy and grace on a few people who we do not like?

Andrew Barnes