Survey Plan: Day 57

Hey Guys! The end of the school year is getting close and so is the end of our reading plan. Keep digging into these last few weeks of the plan. Enjoy it. Focus on what you are reading. Think deeply upon the words. Love them. 

Go ahead and read these two brief chapters: Galatians 5-6. 

So...take and think about one question: Who do you love? This is one of those interesting questions that should take us only a minute second to think about. Who did you think about though? Your mom, your dad, your brother, your sister, your friends?

Or maybe I underestimated you. Maybe i underestimated your thinking process. Maybe you said I should love my neighbors as I do myself. If you did then I have one question for you. You know this theoretically, but do you actually follow these words?

Maybe you didn't think that you should love all of your neighbors as yourself? Why was that? 

Go back and read Galatians 5: 14-15. 

I want you to think through these words today. Do we truly love our neighbors?

Andrew Barnes