Summer Plan: Day 6

It is Saturday, which means for many of us it is a day to work out in the yard, or it is a day to finish up  the household chores that we have been putting off for the entire week. Wherever you may fall in the debate on what to do on a Saturday I hope that you are reading this because you find that no matter what day it is it is vital to spend time in the Bible. 

Today we are checking out the first five Psalms. As noted in a previous post around have of these psalms were written by king David, with a few that we will be reading this weekend being written by him. Historically these were songs, and they were song to specific tunes. However, through the thousands of years since their writing these tunes have been lost. 

So, today go ahead and read Psalms 1-3. 

Now, go back and reread through Psalm 1. It is only six verses. I am going to give you a challenge today that I gave to the students last year, which was me challenging them to memorize these six verses. Memorize them. Write them on your heart. Recognize their importance to you every single day. 

I absolutely love this chapter. One of my buddies has this saying that he tells all of his students, he has been a student pastor for 11 years. He challenges them to be like trees. You might be thinking, "Why would I want to be like a tree?"

Well we read here in chapter 1 that it is planted by streams of water. It s soaking up all of the right nutrients. Verse 2 tells us what we should be soaking up. 

Then the tree has fruit in the correct season. This is because it has soaked up all of those key ingredients. It bears fruit. 

Lastly, it has a leaf that does not whither. This is just as vital as bearing fruit. Those nutrients, reading scripture, delighting it, knowing it, and living it, not only provide fruit, but they also sustain. 

So, I encourage you to continue in Scripture, and I challenge you to start memorizing it. 

Andrew Barnes