Summer Plan: Day 9


It is day 2 of week 2, or it is the 9th day overall. I hope you are starting your morning off right, or maybe you are ending your day off in a phenomenal way. As a buddy of mine always told me, "Andrew, there is no better way to fall asleep then by drifting off while reading the Word of God," and the more I pondered his words I was astounded. He is completely right. What better way to prepare us for rest and the next day then reading the Word of God. 

Jump into 1 Samuel for me again today. We are going to be reading one of the saddest, most disappointing chapters in the Bible today. Go ahead and read 1 Samuel 8. 

Do you know why it is the saddest? Do you know why it is the most disappointing? Rejection. 

So, Kimberly and I have this awesome, yet a little crazy, two-year-old Aussiedoodle puppy named Burton, who can be the cutest dog in the world at time. However, he can be the craziest creature as well. He loves to be rubbed, petted, taken care of, but every once in a while he will jump off your lap, reject your attention, only to grab a pillow and try to rip a whole in the corner of it. It is one of the most appalling, oddest, and altogether disappointing things that he does. 

This is exactly what the Israelites do. Yet, they are not dogs, rejecting their owner. Rather, they are humans, the people of God, rejecting God as their King. Read verse 6 again. They want to be just like everyone else in the Ancient near East, who had a king rule over them. However, they did not realize that they had the greatest King. They had the King, who new all of their needs, who provided for them, who protected them, who loved them, who made them his. 

And...they said, "But we want a human one, who is not perfect. We want it so that we can be like everyone else." 

Do we do this? We know that we have the Savior King, seated on the right hand of God the Father, named Jesus, who cares, protect, loves, shows grace and mercy, forgives, provides, and on and on and on perfectly. Yet, we still sit back and say. "We want another king." Whether that is secret sin or as bold as saying, "I know best." 

So...ask yourself as I do the same, "Who is my king?" If we answer, "Jesus," then we have the correct answer, but do our hearts and our minds and our lives pronounce the same thing.

Andrew Barnes