Summer Plan: Day 10


Hey Guys! Remember that tonight is worship night in the Brickhouse from 7-8 PM. Make sure you are here. It is going to be awesome! 

We go from one of the most disappointing texts in all of Scripture to one of the most amazing texts in my opinion. We have the Israelites seeking a human king in chapter 8, instead of recognizing and keeping God as their true, perfect king, and then in chapter 9 we are given a glimpse into the human king God is going to give them. He is a man named Saul.

Now, take some time and read through 1 Samuel 9. 

Why is this one of the most amazing texts in all os Scripture? I will give you my opinion, and remember this is only an opinion. Remember that we have the Israelites rejecting God as their king, or at the very least not recognizing that they already have the true perfect king in Yahweh, in 1 Samuel 8. Then we read through 1 Samuel 9, and we come to verse 16. Here we have the Lord speaking with Samuel, and he tells him that he has looked upon his people. Their cry had reached him. 

Even in the Israelites ignorance. Even in the Israelites possible rejection Yahweh does not reject or forsake his people. I am reminded of Romans 8:28, "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose." How glorious and wonderful is that!? Those are words to be completely excited about. 

Think about it. Even when we mess up. Even when we think we are making a good decision, which turns out to be not so good. Even when we are living awesome lives. Even when we are absolutely lowest lace we can imagine. We are told that the Lord has it in control. We are told that the Lord is working through it. We are told that his work is for our good in the end. We are told that Jesus' life, death, resurrection, and ascension are not in vain. Rather, in all those moments, the good, the bad, the great, the ugly, we are to cling to Jesus. We are to remember his grace. We are to remember our need for him and his grace every second of every day. 

So, ask yourself where are you at this present moment? Is it a good, bad, sorrowful, joyful, etc. time in your life? Then ask yourself if you are thinking about the gospel today? Are you remembering what Jesus did for you? Are you remembering the promise of Romans 8:28?


Andrew Barnes