Summer Plan: Day 4


Hey Guys! It was awesome seeing you guys last night @ Color Wars, and make sure you come hangout with us at Yogurt Mountain from 7-8 pm tonight! We love having the opportunity to spend time with you guys throughout every week of summer.

I know I have been a bit wordy with the last few devotions, so I promise that today will be nowhere near as long. 

So go ahead and read 1 Samuel 5 today. Read through this chapter carefully, and notice how many cities the Ark of the Covenant passed through before the people finally recognized that it did not belong there. This was not just an idol, but rather this was representative of the fact that Israel's God, Yahweh, was and is the one true God. 

Look at what happened to the Philistines god Dagon the very first night that the ark was in the temple of Dagon in the land of Ashdod. Dagon, the idol's image, was utterly destroyed. He was toppled over, and he was left with no hands or head after the second night. 

Now, you might be thinking, "Andrew we do not live in the land of Ashdod. We live in America, so we definitely do not worship Dagon." I would look you in the eye and say you are completely right, but we do worship other things, like the sun. Think about it. Some of us love the pool, the beach, and laying out in the sun so much that we long for it more than anything else. It is what we build our lives around this summer. Or maybe for you it is video games, television, hanging out with your girlfriend or boyfriend.

So, what are your idols? How are you seeking to put them to death and have the Lord be your life.

Andrew Barnes