Summer Plan: Day 26

So, we have made it once again to reading from the Proverbs and Psalms, which also means it is the weekend again! I hope you are able to enjoy this fourth of July weekend with your friends and family. Be safe. Have a great time. Definitely make getting into the Bible a priority. 

I have one question for you today: What does the overall body of your words say about who you are? 

Go ahead and read Proverbs 10-12, and you will see what I am getting at. 

So, what do your words say about who you are? Not just that one curse word that you said when you were sixteen. Not that one awful joke you told as a senior in college. Not just the one gossipy statement you made to your friends three months ago. Those are all sins. Those are all things you should ask forgiveness for and repent from. Those are all horrible, but what about the entirety of your diction. 

Go back to Proverbs 10. Read verse 8 again. Read verse 10 again. Read verse 11 again. Read verse 14 again. Read verse 18 again. Read verse 19 again. Read verse 20 again. Read verse 21 again. Read verse 31 again. Read verse 32 again. 

Now jump to Matthew 12, and read through the words Jesus speaks to the Pharisees as he calls them a brood of vipers in verse 34. He says, "out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks." So, what does your heart and your words say about you. Do they say you believe, love, and confess Jesus with all that you are? Do they say that you remember and think about the importance of the gospel every day in your life? Do they say you are generous and graceful and merciful and kind? Do they say that you are petty, foolish, sad, etc.?

Andrew Barnes