Summer Plan: Day 33

It is Tuesday, and Tuesday means that from 12pm-2pm we will be in the gym for $5 Tuesday.

So, after today we will be only two chapters away from finishing the entire book of 1 Samuel. That is an awesome accomplishment. Enjoy that, and think about how much discipline that took.

So, go grab your Bible, your pen, and a journal, and read through 1 Samuel 28-29. 

These are some of the craziest narratives you are ever going to read in the Scripture. On the one hand you have Saul, who knows the atrocity of spirits and mediums, contacting the witch of Endor to speak once more to Samuel. Then in the next chapter we see this complete change of demeanor of the king of Gath, Achish, towards utilizing David in the battle, and he sends him away. 

Absolutely crazy to think about, but it is even crazier to see how this would work in today's world. Neither of them makes completely any sense whatsoever, but it a reminder to remember that how we think things should go is not always they will go. It is also a reminder that no matter what the Lord has it all in control.

Furthermore, in these crazy stories it is  a reminder that that we take everything to the Lord. Achish though he says, "As surely as the LORD live," if he believes that we should see him going to the LORD with this. Then with Saul he does go to the LORD, but he receives no answer. So, he though it wise to try and surpass the LORD and go to Samuel.

So, in our lives do we know who is in control? 

In our lives do we act like we know who is in control?

Do we try to make things happen for ourselves?

Do we remember that how things go are not always according to our plan?

Do we remember that we have to be patient?

Andrew Barnes