Summer Plan: Day 44

Hey guys! Make sure you are signed up to go with us to the braves games here, and then make sure you are signed up to go with us to Carowinds on August 9th here.

So, it is the summer time, and it is hot, really hot. Maybe you are like my sweet puppy Burton, who loves being outside, but during this kind of heat he loves the cool air conditioning just a little bit more. The summer time is not my favorite season, but I still find the changing in temperatures, etc. to be amazing. 

Go ahead and read the psalms of the day today Psalms 31-33. 

Did you see what I saw? Were you reminded of what I was reminded of? If you were then you are absolutely amazing, because we are not the same person. 

Take a look back with me at Psalm 33. The psalmist once again begins praising God for his Word is right. He praises him because he is faithful. He praises him for his righteousness and justice, and he then praises him because the earth is full of his unfailing love.

IS that what we see when we look at the world? Do we see the unfailing love of God? Do we see that his purpose and plan "stand firm forever?" Or when we look around do we just see concrete, cars, steel, grass, cows, a lake, etc? 

Andrew Barnes