Summer Plan: Day 28

If you have not heard yet our dates for going to the Atlanta Braves game and to Carowinds are set once more. We are going to a Braves game on Tuesday August 2nd, and one week later, August 9th, we will be going to Carowinds. So, make sure you sign-up online in the next couple of weeks for both of those events.

As for digging into the Word today we are reading from 1 Samuel once more, and it happens to be one of those intriguing stories on David. It makes you wonder why this was placed here. It makes you wonder what you are learning about who God is in the story? It makes you wonder what you are learning about who you are? 

So, go for it. Jump in and read 1 Samuel 25.

Dig deep.

Spend time meditating about it. 

Grab a pen and a journal, and spend some time journaling through the story. 

Write about who God is. 

Write about who we are. 

I find a lot of times that people want to definitely emphasize the fact that David was a man after God's own heart, but they are reticent to discuss his sin. There are multiple reasons why this happens in my opinion. However, David himself recognizes his sin. In Psalm 51:2 he exclaims, "Wash me thoroughly from my iniquity, and cleanse me from my sin!" We see in this passage in 1 Samuel 25 that David was a sinner, and one of his primary faults was found in his desire of beautiful women. We see this rub off to a greater extent on his son Solomon. 

However, we also notice from the third verse of the chapter the importance of being a person of discernment. This means that we are people who make good judgments and perceptions. If you are not naturally gifted in this area ask the Lord to give you wisdom and discernment. We see this over and over in the Proverbs. The author speaks of the importance of seeking wisdom, understanding, and discernment.

This chapter reminds me deeply that all people are sinners, no matter their social status, popularity, prestige, or wealth, so we are all desperately in need of the grace of God, shown exclusively through Jesus Christ.

Remind yourself of the gospel today.

Remind yourself of your daily need of grace.

Remind yourself to come to the Lord first with everything.

Remind yourself of the need to think through situations, people, major life decisions with a great amount of discernment. 



Andrew Barnes