We are...back. It is day two of our Bible reading and devotion time. Make sure to make time for The Gathering tomorrow night at 6:45 PM. It is going to be awesome. We have a special guest leading us in worship, and it is somebody you do not want to miss. 

So, remember our new way of looking at our time with God? It is called SOAP, and it truly is easy to remember. Scripture, Observation, Application, and Prayer. 

Scripture: Take some time today to take and read through Isaiah 6 with me. And id you like music listen through Desperation Band's "I Will Go" off their Everyone Overcome album.

Observation: What is the Lord teaching through this passage in Ephesians? What is the primary focus of this passage? Where is the focus of the passage? Make sure we take and bring in the entire scene? What is happening here in this passage? Where is Isaiah? Who is there with Isaiah? What is going on around Isaiah? What do we see about who God is? Notice what the angels say about God in v.3. Make sure we notice what we see about who we are in v. 5. Look at how Isaiah responds here to being in the presence of the Lord. Make sure we then notice what happens throughout the rest of the chapter. Make sure we pick out words like calling and obedience and going. 

Application: Make it personal. Don't just read through this chapter in Isaiah and think to yourself, "Great story, but this does not mean anything to me." In all honesty it means so, so much. What are you being called to? What are you being called to do with your life? Maybe you are only eleven, and those thought have not even come to your mind yet. Start praying about them. Are we being obedient in our lives? To God, to our family, to our teachers, to our bosses, etc. What does obedience to God look like? 

Prayer: Pray. Pray right now. Pray at 2 PM today. Pray for yourself. Pray for your family. Pray for other people. Pray for people to come to know Jesus. Pray for missionaries, both those overseas and the ones here in the United States. Pray that we are bold enough to go into our communities, schools, work places, etc. and talk about Jesus with people.

Andrew Barnes