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It is Saturday! You have made it almost all the way to the end of the first week. Be excited! That is such an awesome accomplishment. 

For our Saturdays and Sundays we are going to continue with what we have worked through the past few Bible reading plans that we have gone through, which utilizes the Psalms and the Proverbs. They will still pertain with what we have spoken of on the previous Wednesday. We will read through a Psalm on Saturday, and on Sunday we will read through a Proverb. 

So, let's do it! Remember SOAP.

Scripture: Read through Psalm 13 with me, and pay careful attention to David's words.

Observation: Make sure we take notice of David's words. What is David experiencing? Could always have been easy and fun to be king? Make sure we notice David's emotions? Make sure that we see if David let's his emotions get the best of him? Make sure we notice what he is asking of God? What is it that David truly wants more than anything else? Make sure we pay careful attention to the last two verses, 5 and 6. No matter what happens what will David do? Make sure we see that even this man who had everything it seemed, money, power, fame, etc., knew that more than anything else he needed God.

Application: Where is your praise at? In the good times? In the bad times? In the easy times? In the hard times? In the "this moment is mine" times? Reread through verses 5 & 6 for me. 

Pray: Pray for tomorrow? The answer is yes. Pray for today. Pray for Dr. Cox as he is going to preach. Pray for our hearts to be open, willing to learn and listen, willing to be convicted if needed. Pray for those who need to hear the gospel. Pray for our remembrance of our need of God. Pray, pray, pray.

Andrew Barnes