GOOD MORNING ANDERSON! I hope you guys have had a great Spring Break, and hopefully your are enjoying the last day of it on this beautiful Monday. 

I also hope that you guys took some time each day last week to jump into the Bible. I hope you made it a priority for your life to get into the Word each day while you were on Spring Break. 

Remember S O A P. 

Due to the crazy weather we have had in Anderson this past month we are going to have our last week of our WE ARE... series this week. 

Scripture: Take some time today to open up your Bible and jump in to Acts 5. 

Observation: Take some time reading through all that is happening here in Acts 5. The book f acts deals a lot with the happenings of the early church. What is going on in their lives? What do they consider to be important things? What are the apostles doing? Read through this and notice a few things with me? Why were Ananias and Sapphira killed? Make sure you notice the sin of the high priest and his associates. They were jealous of the apostles, so this is why they were arrested. Notice what Peter says in verse 29. Read it aloud. Notice the wisdom of Gamaliel. 

Application: Make it personal. Notice how the gospel is so prevalent on the mouths of the apostles. They can not stop talking about Jesus. Notice how they are readily willing to stay in jail for Jesus. What about our lives? What would we readily sit in jail for? Anything? What are we willing to suffer for?

Prayer: Pray. Pray. Pray. Yesterday was Easter. Jesus is Risen, and we have union with him. 

Andrew Barnes