It is Tuesday, which means tomorrow is THE GATHERING. Make sure you come hangout with us tomorrow night @ 6:45. It also means that you are one more day closer to spring break, which is probably going to be awesome for you!

Keep digging into the Bible. Keep learning. Never stop growing. Never stop truly figuring out who you are made to be. Don't stop understanding who God is. Most importantly. Don't stop pushing for the relationship with God. 


SCRIPTURE: Take some time out of those crazy busy days that you have and read through 2 Corinthians 11 with me today.

OBSERVATION: See what Paul tells the Corinthians. Make sure we notice the false apostles, the false teachers. Make sure we see that there are those out there today that are still false teachers. Make sure that we see that knowing who Jesus is is vital, because false teachers do not teach about the same Jesus. Make sure we notice the truth of Christ. Make sure we see what it is we are to boast in. Make sure to notice the difficulty in Paul's life. Make sure we notice why he is speaking about that. Make sure we notice who is to be praised forever.

APPLICATION: This is where the fun comes to play. This is where Scripture becomes alive for us. This is where we truly see how the Scripture is so important for us. Make this personal. See the application for your life. Maybe it is that you need to know Jesus more. Maybe it is that you have never suffered at all, life is easy, and there has never been a trying moment in your life, and you need to ask who you boast in.

Prayer: What are we praying about? When are we praying? Who are we praying for? What does prayer mean to us? Pray.


Andrew Barnes