GOOD MORNING! WE ARE SO SAD WE DIDN'T GET TO SEE YOU GUYS LAST NIGHT AT THE GATHERING. However, we hope that you were able to stay dry and safe, and we will see all of you so soon.

I hope that your day is going well today so far.

You know what to do now. You know what SOAP means. Today is all you. Remember the following. 

Scripture: Read through 1 Thessalonians 4 with me today. 

Observation: What is the primary meaning of this passage written by Paul? What does this passage teach us about who God is? What does the passage teach us about who we are? What does this passage teach us about what God has done?

Application: Focus on making it personal. What does this passage mean for you at this specific moment in your life? What does it mean for us to have brotherly love? What does it mean for us to live holy lives? What does it mean and look like for us to control our own bodies? What does it mean for you and I to live in order to please God? Are we actually living in order to please God, or are we living to please ourselves?

Prayer: Don't forget to pray. Pray a whole lot. Pray about finishing this week strong. Pray for your family. Pray for your friends who don't know Jesus. Pray that we live lives that are holy. Pray that we be set apart. Pray that we are bold with our faith. 

Andrew Barnes