You know what to do now. You know what SOAP means. Today is all you. Remember the following. It is Saturday, so you have almost made it through week 2 of reading your bible daily. Get stoked, and it also means that we will be looking at a Psalm today. 

Scripture: Read through Psalm 17 with me today. 

Observation: What is the primary meaning of this passage written by David? What does this passage teach us about who God is? What does the passage teach us about who we are? What does this passage teach us about what God has done? Make sure we notice the feelings and voice of David in this psalm. Make sure we notice the things David keeps reminding himself of? 

Application: Focus on making it personal. What does this passage mean for you at this specific moment in your life? When you are feeling scared, angry, tired, frustrated what takes over your thoughts? Do you bring them back to Jesus? Of our desperate need for him? Of how he loves, cares, and provides for us so much? How he is always there for us?

Prayer: Hey guys! Take this time to pray. Pray, pray, pray. Remember the joy we have in praying. It is a primary means to keeping company with God. Enjoy the time. 

Andrew Barnes