SO...HERE WE GO! I hope this awesome beautiful Monday morning is pushing you forward for a great week. Get ready for an absolutely awesome week. School is coming to a close, so get ready for an absolutely crazy and awesome summer.

We are in our second week of our TRUE, and we do not want you to miss it. Because of that we are also changing up our weekly devotion reading to match our series as well. So, take and enjoy these next few weeks of reading in our TRUE series. 

Scripture: Read with me Matthew 1 today. 

Observation: What is the primary meaning of this passage written by Matthew? What does this passage teach us about who God is? What does the passage teach us about who we are? What does this passage teach us about what God has done? Make sure we notice THE EMPHASIS ON FAMILY Who is Jesus' family? What are some names of some people you recognize in Jesus' genealogy? What are some names that you do not recognize? 

Application: Focus on making it personal. What does this passage mean for you at this specific moment in your life? Look at the relationships in your life. Look at the relationships you have with your family. Look at those relationships, and now ask yourself if you are helping to build them up. Or are you tearing them down.

Prayer: Don't forget to pray. Pray a whole lot. Pray that the Word of the Lord changes lives. Pray that people will come to have a relationship with Jesus today, both here in Anderson and all over the world. Pray that we will learn something today. Pray that the Lord will open our eyes and hearts to things we might have heard hundreds of times before. 

Andrew Barnes