Bill's Blog for Oct 2018

I Choose To Live The Dog’s Life

If we got to choose, we’d always choose wealth over poverty, health over sickness, freedom over poverty…the easy life over the hard life. Nothing wrong with that.  Nothing wrong with having nice things, doing all we can to stay strong and healthy, even Jesus said, “The truth will set you free!”  There’s nothing wrong with desiring freedom.  Jesus died to give us freedom.

Next question, would you prefer a close walk with Jesus or be distant from Him?  Of course, we prefer a close walk.

Think about the whole of the answers you just gave.  We like health, wealth, and freedom.  God wants these things for us.  He wants to give good things to His children. He wants to give us health.  He wants us to be free.

What happens when we receive these things? I’m afraid we have a tendency to receive them and think pretty highly of ourselves.  “Look what I have done.  Look what I have accomplished.”  Our minds turn to how successful we are.

Does this enhance my walk with Jesus or does it take my mind from Him and put it on me and my accomplishments?  James 1:17 Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights… I need to acknowledge that what I have comes from God.  The more I thank and acknowledge Him the more He will entrust me with.  The more my possessions and health put my mind on me and not Him, the more He will have to do what’s necessary to put my focus back on Him…if a closer walk with Jesus is my true desire.

If I want ‘stuff and Jesus’, I have to be sure my mind/heart is set on Him and that I am truly thankful for His blessings in my life.  If we get this out of order He may have to bring us down a notch to refocus our attention on Him. (BTW, we all experience hardships of various kinds in our lives.  That’s part of living in an imperfect, sinful world.)

Do hardships mean God has taken His hands off me?  It could be the exact opposite.  It could be that His intended blessings actually distracted me from Him and He had to use hardships as blessings to refocus me on Him.

My buddy Adrian loves this saying, “Feed a dog and he says, ‘you must be God’. Feed a cat and he says, ‘Wow, I must be God’.”  I want to be sure I’m living the dog’s life.  I want everything in my life to point me to and make me thankful to God. 

Bill Parnell




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