A Hidden Crisis
A Hidden Crisis

In South Carolina there are just under 4,000 children in custody of South Carolina Department of Social Services. In Anderson County alone there are almost 200 (give or take depending on the day) in foster care, more than 400 in Family Preservation and 15 legally available children for adoption that are aged 10-17 years old. It is a “hidden” crisis because names and faces of these vulnerable children cannot be publicized.

The future these children face is statistically dire:

70% of human trafficking victims in the US spent time in foster care. In several states,

65% of inmates aged-out of foster care.

There are currently 2 million 18 to 24 year-olds living homeless in the US, many of which spent time in foster care.

71% of young women become pregnant within one year of aging-out of foster care.

It is the vision of Chosen Family Advcacy Ministry to drastically reduce these outcomes and eliminate the number of children in foster care in Anderson County, South Carolina.

What is a Family Advocacy Ministry (FAM)?
What is a Family Advocacy Ministry (FAM)?

A FAM is a step-by-step ministry strategy that helps churches serve and advocate for vulnerable children and families as well as those called to foster and adopt.

In addition, the FAM at Concord Baptist Church provides gospel-centered training, education, and guidance to equip volunteers and families for the often delicate roles of child mentorship and trauma-informed care, and the process of adoption – through foster care or private agency.

Ways to Participate with Chosen FAM
Ways to Participate with Chosen FAM
  • Join our Prayer Team that meets every 3rd Sunday at 5:00 PM in Room SE101 to pray diligently and consistently
  • Become an Advocate by raising awareness about the needs of vulnerable children
  • Help recruit families to consider adopting or fostering
  • Provide support by serving and ministering to foster, adoptive and kinship families, and biological families in crisis, by being part of a Care Community*
  • Help to meet physical and financial needs with our Care Closet (developing) and contribute to Chosen Drives
  • throughout the year
  • Support and encourage local child welfare workers and agencies by planning events and appreciation socials.
Promise 686
Promise 686

In order to serve in a Care Community, volunteers must attend an Orientation (offered many times throughout the year) and pass a background check.

Interested in serving? Register today with PromiseServes.

Fostering, Adoptive and Kinship Families:


The Chosen Family Advocacy Ministry of Concord Baptist Church would love to partner with you to pray, encourage, and be a support system as you meet the needs of the most vulnerable children in our community. Please click below to request a Care Community near you. There is a quick video to watch and a short form to fill out, which will enter your information into a secure database with PromiseServes. Once complete, we will be able to contact you directly to begin the process.

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