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The Music and Worship Arts ministry comprises the Concord Choir, Orchestra, Preschool and Children’s Choir, Handbells and Media Ministry. The focus of each group is on leading the people of Concord in worship. The Concord Choir and Orchestra lead the corporate body in weekly worship through congregational songs, choral anthems, and orchestra preludes.

The past few years have been very busy for Music and Worship Arts ministry members. The choir and orchestra hosted Bradley and Holly Knight for a weekend of worship and a retreat with John and Shelley Jennings. Last year, the Concord Choir recorded and premiered its first album, “We Sing Jesus.” During Easter 2023, the choir and Orchestra presented Savior: a modern oratorio, with Dr. Ben Caston, Dr. Leo Day, Clint Dunn, Wes Hampton, and Shelly Jennings. Click on the banner to the right to watch the service. For the 2023 Christmas at Concord, the choir and orchestra have partnered with arranger and worship pastor Cliff Duren to write and arrange a brand-new Christmas collection titled “Among Us.” This collection will be published and distributed by Prism Music Publishing.

Concord is proud to continue a tradition of growing and developing the next generation of worshipers through our graded choir programs. The Preschool and Children’s Choir help to instruct and develop the younger generation in biblical worship principles that will help our children to grow in their faith. The handbell choir rehearses weekly as they work to present concerts throughout the year. Members of the handbell choir also attend regional handbell workshops to grow in their abilities.

The Music and Worship Arts ministry is always looking to add to its family of worshipers. If you are interested in any ensembles or want more information on getting involved, please contact the music office, call or email.

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